18673106_10209876887467557_5958556467542192069_oOswald L. Santos is an IT professional, writer, and history enthusiast from Pasig City.

He started as a news and features writer at the age of 11 for the official student publication of the Nagpayong Elementary School, “Newslette” wherein he competed in inter-district journalism competitions and bagged awards in Copy Reading and Headlining, Feature Writing and Editorial Writing. He graduated as valedictorian in March 2007.

He studied at the Makati Science High School from 2007 to 2011. After graduating, he attended the writing workshop of one of the seasoned writers in the country, Miss Visitacion “Chit” dela Torre.

In 2011, he enrolled at the Technological University of the Philippines wherein he took up the course Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. In 2012, he became the founding editor-in-chief of “Tech Bits”, the official publication of the College of Science. The following year, he became the president of the TUP-Computer Association (COMPASS) and became a contributor to “Tech Bits“. He graduated in May 2015 and started working in the IT industry.

After being inspired by the movie Heneral Luna, he created the “Artikulo“, a series of essays and sketches about the men and women that made their mark in Philippine history. It started on October 2015 and ended on the month of May, the following year.

For the last few months, he was appointed as the history editor of the official publication of the Los Lunaticos Bravos, “Laya!. He also contributed to the first release of the “Alpas Journal” on June 2017.

He loves to read, write, eat, travel, and play the guitar in his spare time.