Anvil’s Grand Christmas Sale: A Bookworm’s Paradise

As early as October 19, Anvil Publishing, a publishing house that had been existing since February 1990, announced a Christmas sale that was set to happen from October 25 to December 10. They also added that books will be sold as low as 5 pesos! Netizens had different reactions: some questioned its legitimacy but most were excited especially the bookworms like me. Here’s a guide for you if you want to find some goodies.

The Location

The Anvil Warehouse is located at No. 25 Brixton Street, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City. However, the entrance is located along West Capitol Drive, in front of Bo Jungle Fitness. Here’s the site map posted on their Facebook page.


How to Go There

Many are asking specific instructions on how to go to that place. Here’s some guide for you.

From Manila (Taft Avenue) to Kapitolyo

  1. Ride any jeepney or LRT going to EDSA.
  2. Ride a bus or MRT going to Shaw Boulevard.
    • If you rode a bus, alight at the bus stop in Shaw. Landmark: a McDonalds fastfood chainFare: Around 10-20 pesos
    • If you rode an MRT, alight on Shaw Boulevard Station. Fare: 20 Pesos
  3. Find the nearest jeepney terminal going to Pasig. Landmark: Chowking. 
  4. Let the driver know that you are going to Kapitolyo. Alight once you saw CaltexFare: 7 pesos

From Manila (Quiapo) to Kapitolyo

  1. Ride a Pasig-Quiapo jeepney to Kapitolyo. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Pasig San Joaquin or Pasig Palengke Fare: Approximately 18 to 20 pesos
  2. Alight at Pasig Kapitolyo. Landmark: Caltex

From North EDSA to Kapitolyo

  1. Ride a bus or MRT going to EDSA.
    • If you rode a bus, alight on the bus stop in Starmall. Fare: Approximately 25 pesos
    • If you rode an MRT, alight on Shaw Boulevard Station. Fare: 20 pesos
  2. Find the nearest jeepney terminal going to Pasig. Landmark: Cebuana Lhuillier
  3. Let the driver know that you are going to Kapitolyo. Alight once you saw CaltexFare: 7 pesos

From Kapitolyo to the Warehouse

  1. From Caltex, walk in the right side of West Capitol Drive. On the first right turn, you’ll see a queue of green tricycles.
  2. Ride on the tricycle and tell the driver that you’re going to the Anvil Warehouse on West Capitol Drive. Fare: 21 pesos



The guard will ask you to deposit your bagpack in exchange of a number. Walk straight to “heaven” and begin your search!  Here’s some tips:

  • Most reference books for Chemistry, Nursing, Accounting can be found on the first row.
  • As of my last visit last October 28, there is only one Ambeth Ocampo book available: the old version of Bones of Contention. You can buy it for 10 pesos.
  • Nick Joaquin’s Reportage series (Reportage on Lovers, Reportage on Crime, Reportage on Politics, Reportage on the Marcoses) are hard to come by. Each sold at 5 pesos.
  • Jessica Zafra’s Twisted series are not placed in the same place. Good luck completing that.
  • Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga is hard to complete. Each sold for 50 pesos.
  • Some classic literary novels are there too. Some Shakespeare, Emily Brontë are sold for 20 pesos.
  • For Dan Brown, I was able to find only one book – Angels and Demons. Sold at 20 pesos.
  • Vikas Swarup’s Q & A, the basis of the movie Slumdog Millionaire, is priced at 20 pesos.
  • Some “rare” Filipiniana books are in there too like Jaime Laya’s Letras y Figuras sold for 10 pesos.
  • Selyo is available at 80 pesos.
  • Claude Haberer’s Between Tiger and Dragon (hardbound) is available at 50 pesos.
  • For those who want to level up their cooking game, there are books such as Warm Bread for 300 pesos and Larousse for 500 pesos. You can also find some cookbooks from Nora Daza and Gene Gonzales.
  • If you have a title in mind, don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Don’t bring some children in there. It’s a warehouse and it’s hot inside.
  • Bring some water and a handful of patience.

The Aftermath


I was able to grab a lot of interesting Filipiniana- themed books in a span of three different days. I enjoyed the sale and I saved a lot of money. Now, if only time is for sale at 5 pesos a day, then I’ll grab as many as I can to be able to read all these book. Alas.

Anyway, just go there as early as you can. It’s highly recommended.